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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Latest techniques in Hair Transplantation

Latest techniques in Hair Transplantation

Facing hair damage or loss issue is not restrained to any region, nation, caste, or gender; preferably it is one of the general dilemmas the world is undergoing from.  Since hair loss has become a popular phenomenon and a lot of people around the globe suffer from it, science has found many efficient techniques to deal to restore the lost hair.  

Today, there are lots of superior technologies used for hair transplantation of men and women both. These procedures take a little time and potentially help to resist hair loss. Some of the most superior and successful treatments are given below -

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant:

FUE hair transplant is one of the advanced and successful techniques of today and a lot of people have been treated successfully through this process during some past years.  In this technology, follicular units are removed from that part where there is hair and then the units are planted in the recipient area where there is hair loss problem to restore hair.  The donor areas face no lateral effects or noticeable scars and the recipient area tends to restore hair successfully. Though this type of surgery takes many hours to complete, the results are quite adequate and satisfying.

FUE Procedure | Best HairTransplants

Neo Graft Restoration:

Neo Graft transplantation is also the advanced method of FUE hair transplant. In Neo Graft, the method of extracting and planting follicular units is automated. By doing this, the method suits more easy, comfortable, time-saving, and lesser traumatic harvest. To make this automatic process successful, a tiny surgical pouch is applied to extract follicular units.  During the entire method of this hair transplant surgery, the patient is capable of listening to music, talk with people, drink and eat anything, and perform other activities.

Neo Graft Restoration | Best HairTransplants

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP):

PRP treatment is one of the superior treatments of hair transplant.  In this procedure, autologous blood is taken from the patient’s body and then inserted into bald parts of the scalp. By doing this, reconstruction of tissues is occurred resulting restoring of hair on hairless parts of the scalp. This type of treatment is done automatically and manually both but the standard treatment has been more successful than the automatic one because automatic methods always have some lateral impacts and hazards.

PRP Hair Restoration Process | Best Hair Transplants

Since science has no end and it advances with the way of time, more and more studies are being done on this specific field of work to make it possible that every person on this earth can feel the beauty of hair and live with style.

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